Why I Should Not Have Owned a Horse When I Did: Reese’s Story

Hello everyone!

Episode number 2 of What’s New Around the Barn? is now live, and it was a bit of a doozy!  It’s awkward and uncomfortable to reflect on things that you regret, and the entire episode is me talking about said regret.

For those of you who are curious, I wanted to share the pictures that I have of Reese!  He was a 12 year old Quarter Horse gelding and truly such a cutie, even if we hadn’t worked out like I wish!

There aren’t as many pictures as I wish, unfortunately, but I wasn’t a big picture taker back then!  PS the second person in one of these pictures on the big chestnut Saddlebred is Brea, who I mention in this episode.

Share your horsey experiences below, or reach out directly!

Listen to My Podcast on More Platforms!

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news!

Last week, What’s New Around the Barn? was approved for Apple Podcasts!

This is a huge deal for me, as it’s where I listen to my own favorite shows and so knowing that my Podcast is there rocks!  If that is your main listening platform, you can find me by searching “What’s New Around the Barn?” and looking for the image below!

What's New Around the Barn

Additionally, I have started a Pinterest account that you can find in my social media menu up above the post – please go follow! I’ve found tons of amazing pictures & plan on sharing even more!

Happy listening!

My Podcast is Live!

What's New Around the Barn

For years, I’ve had a dream of starting a podcast.  I never knew what I wanted it to be about, but I knew I wanted it.

Well, I am ecstatic to announce that I have figured out what I want my podcast to be, and I have now had the first episode go live!

“What’s New Around the Barn?” is a brand new horsey podcast, which will be about my journey with horses, as well as answering the questions that I have, the questions that you have, and talking about news in the horse world.  It’s basically going to be about everything horse related, and I cannot wait to continue with it.

The first episode is an Introduction to who I am – I share my horse experiences and journey up to now.

I have gotten so much support from the people around me over the past few days, it’s a bit overwhelming in a good way.  It definitely motivates me to keep going, especially when I get the question “when’s the next episode?!”.  Right now I plan on updating monthly, but there’s a strong chance that I will push it to bi-weekly if I feel like it’s not too much.

As of right now, What’s New Around the Barn is available on the following platforms:


Google Podcasts



Pocket Casts


I’m so proud of myself for following through with  my dreams, and I really hope that you all enjoy it as well!  Please share your thoughts, praises, and constructive criticisms – I’m always working to grow and become better, and I can’t do that without hearing what you think!

Please feel free to comment on this post, or contact me through the contact page for any feedback or suggestions on Podcast topics!